Ecocapsule, Eco-Friendly Small Houses

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

 The house is a primary need for humans, because the house a refuge from all threats. If the house is located in a row in the housing complex was used, and how the home that can be placed anywhere?

Yes, Nice Architects Slovakia-based company has developed a prototype of an egg-shaped playhouse named Ecocapsule. This portable home began to be announced to the public since the mid-2015 and will begin shipping this year.

The tiny house has a diameter of only 2.55 x 4.45 x 2.25 m and a total area of ​​10 square meters that has filled a number of furniture. This tiny house weighs only weighs 1,500 kg. With an oval shape like an egg, this house looks like a cute playhouse.

As for access to the entry, there is only one door to be opened up. Although small, but the contents of the house is quite complete, consists of a work space, beds, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. A storage or warehouse space to be accessed from outside the house and there are some windows that let sunlight into the house. A compost toilet and water storage containers will also be present in the house.

The house is claimed by the company as an environmentally friendly home, it is due to the energy source, this house uses solar light generated from the solar panels of 600 W which is her house roof. In addition, there are pole wind turbine capacity of 750 W and a large capacity battery, which is 9744 Wh.

The company will begin to sell and deliver this tiny house in 2016 for buyers who have pre-order in advance and will be limited to only 50 units of the first generation. The company also said that for the second generation, they will lower the price of these unique homes.


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