Recommend Asus GeForce GTX 950 variant latest, Without Additional Power

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Graphics card or commonly known by the gamer by the name of VGA card, are very helpful in generating graphics quality while gaming. Especially now have available a variety of brand graphics cards that deliver performance and features vary. As one of them is Asus, which, as the old players they do not want to lose with the new brands are popping up today.

Quoted from VR-Zone, on Tuesday (03/08/2016), mentioned that Asus has just introduced the latest variant of one VGA card from Nvidia GeForce GTX 950. We know that the GeForce GTX 950 has not long been present in the market, the position could be is said to replace its predecessor, the GTX 750Ti.

But the interesting part of the VGA card's premises GTX950-2G code there is no power pin, in contrast with most graphics cards GeForce GTX 950 from various brands that have the power pin. So to say that the latest Asus GTX 950 does not require additional power, even mentioned that the current state of full load, this graphics card power required no more than 75 Watt.

For its GeForce GTX 950 is going to be equipped with two fans, especially with technology Auto Extreme and Super Alloy Power II that claimed to make the durability of the VGA card is more durable. In addition, the design of the VGA card is also designed to be matched with an Intel motherboard with a chipset Z170.

The specifications can be said to be not far from the default Nvidia GeForce GTX 950, only the latest Asus GTX 950 has a base clock and a boost clock is higher, at 1.051MHz and 1.228MHz. Not forgetting there is 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM and a memory clock of 6.610MHz. VGA card is also equipped with a complete connector, such as an HDMI port, a DVI port, and a DisplayPort.


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