AFFETTO, The Cute Robot Baby Smart chattering

Friday, July 15, 2011

You love to play with small children? It must also be like if you look at the doings of the robot from Japan this cute baby. Like a small baby, the robot Affetto can mimic facial expressions and babbling baby when learning to recognize its environment. The experimental results are a student from Osaka University is indeed enough to attract attention. Although the new just the head alone, but the expression is performed by a robotic artificial look natural.

Japan was nimble in terms of robotics. Students in Japan has been doing a lot of observations to make robots that may be unique even greater than America. This time the robot baby who became the project experimentation. Baby robot can later be used to introduce the prospective parents who have not had children to begin to see the behavior of small children.

Emotions and behavior of the robot to learn directly from the behavior of infants and applied to the robot Affetto. Design view using texture and contour the face of a baby's face. This robot is even better when compared with the robot baby Diego has ever exhibited last year. Unfortunately not too much information about this baby robot experimentation, but experimentation will continue.

Hmmm, yes the more interesting developments of robotic world. Hopefully later Indonesia can learn more in order to follow and compete in the world of robotics.


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