Atlas & Cheetah, The Tough Military Robot Prototype

Friday, July 15, 2011

The existence of a robust robot troops and combat-ready that usually we only see in Hollywood action films, seems about to become reality. Just imagine, if terinpirasi with the figure of a humanoid robot in the Terminator movies and animal robots like in the movie Transformers, the U.S. military reportedly now working to realize their existence in real life.

Maybe this is a beginning, but what has been done by the U.S. military may be the beginning of a great breakthrough. Yes, how not, the U.S. military reportedly has commissioned the production of bipedal robot soldiers and four legs that could run faster than humans.

The development itself is under the auspices of the Maximum Mobility and Manipulation program's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The program aims to create a scientific framework that significantly increased in order to design a fast and robotic production systems as well as enhance mobility and robotic manipulation of the largest natural surroundings. Besides earmarked for military purposes and the war, these robots can also be used for other fields such as agriculture, firefighting, and emergency services.

To realize all of that, the DARPA had binding contracts with Boston Dynamics who also previously been successfully developed quadruped robot known as the BigDog. As reported by the Boston Herald, the cooperation project is estimated to value millions of dollars with a term of 4 years. And so far, Boston Dynamic himself has assigned to develop a humanoid robot named Atlas and quadruped robot named Cheetah targeted finished within 20 months.

As far as development is ongoing, reportedly capable of a powerful robot Cheetah running in any condition. In addition to still sound noisy, the robot was also only able to run under the expected speed. And even as President Marc Raibert Dynamic Boston itself, affirms that to achieve perfection seems the robots still need time.

Meanwhile, Atlas robot which has two arms, two legs and can walk upright like a prototype anthropomorphic Petman ever before. This type of robot designed to squeeze into the narrow room and use her hands to move faster on steep terrain.


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