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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Showing off Adobe AIR Adobe MAX Conference on the show in Los Angeles on Monday, which will include major upgrades to bring the Android platform and runtime for mobile devices are manifold.
Big feature is the Adobe AIR 2.5 supports many new platforms, including Windows 7 Phone, BlackBerry Tablet OS and Android in particular.

Adobe AIR for Android was launched at the beginning of last week, but updates will come Monday this will bring the AIR for Android-based tablets and TV devices. One of the most prominent TV device is the Samsung SmartTV, which will be pre-installed version of the Android circa 2011.

AIR 2.5 also brings with sophisticated new features, many of which are designed to make it more usable on mobile devices, including geolocation and accelerometer support, access to applications and video cameras, multi-touch and gesture support, and the JavaScript engine which is 50% faster. All these features are critical components for mobile applications, so it is not surprising that a new version of AIR arrived with this upgrade.

In addition to AIR 2.5, Adobe launched InMarket we can regard it as an Adobe version of the IOS from the Apple application store. InMarket designed to store the multi-platform to get the AIR application in the operating system and applications market.

Currently available for Intel AppUp, but the Android and other platforms will follow. Less than all of this is support in the IOS. Although Adobe says supports Cisco IOS, this only refers to the ability to create iPhone applications through the Adobe Flash from Adobe Labs. There is no direct way to install AIR applications to the iPhone, and likely never will. Both companies have been fighting since Apple remove Flash support of the iPad or iPhone. (source)


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