Symbian 3 Product Development Kit is available with the new Fresh Theme

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Symbian Foundation today announced that its first product development kit (PDK), since Symbian S ^ 3 reaches a complete functional, are now available for developers to download. PDK contains the full version of Symbian ^ 3 and related source code. This is also the first release that supports the user interface for the platform ARMv5 full ROM.
You can download the Symbian 3 MDD in:

Symbian ^ 3 is a major step forward in the Symbian platform, provides for the user experience better, the main screen next to the personalization and can have several front pages as well, attractive and sophisticated multimedia experience, including support for HDMI, Next Generation Graphics, network data more good and lots, lots more! Symbian also commissioned a major new theme for the platform ^ S 3 is called "Fresh" is entered for the first time in MDD. Let's go see a screenshot of this new theme called Fresh


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