Challenge VIA Intel & AMD Server On Market

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Particular microprocessor maker intends to increase the market share of its chip products throughout the world by starting to offer the processor for servers where power efficiency is still a major concern. Server market has always been a major and indispensable component of the IT industry. With the rapid development in recent times, slowly have directed the server that is now to adopt the use of cloud-based technologies in providing the best storage solutions and has even been backed by the hard drive is capable of automatically connecting to an online storage environment.

With the presence of a variety of mobile devices connected to the network web with a better way, the existence of tablets and smartphones and the other which has now increased in number also seems to have an impact on the network players to concern themselves with the existing Internet infrastructure.

Sedehananya, with very rapid rate of use of the web of late reportedly feared the entire bandwidth of the world will become tense. So to anticipate and cope with such events, it is necessary to support servers and data centers with various levels of performance.

VIA itself has now decided to focus on the market that cater for energy-efficient system when setting up the development plan at its new server chip. 64-bit CPU Nano existing E-series, has been based on the Isaiah architecture that supports virtualization and security features Via padlock. Range which will feature quad-core models for notebooks and desktops (mostly on nettop devices) is reported to have declared, and so did the server unit that reportedly have also been developed.

"The processor we have used quite extensively in low-power handling for data center applications, and we are currently evaluating the strategy and future roadmap Us", said Richard Brown, who currently serves as vice president of Via Technologies.

Joint ARM is expected to outperform the existing server designs, and so did the possibility to collaborate with AMD, of course, would be a real competition in sight. But so far, unfortunately VIA itself has not commented officially linked it, so what will happen later on, and how fast, still seems unclear.


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