Facebook Attract A Famous IOS Hacker Named Geohot

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Did you know? One remarkable hacker named George Hotz, better known as Geohot, reportedly has been working on Facebook. Various sources are now also has confirmed the truth of it is related to his job in the social networking giant.

Geohot This is known as being problematic as ever to hack IOS like blackra1n, purplera1n, and limera1n. Although not in its capacity to rival the iPhone Dev Team, but then figure Geohot been able to beat the ever famous breaker to hack IOS community on various occasions.

In recent times, Geohot has become famous even reportedly also been sued by Sony over hacknya action against the PlayStation 3 through firmware available. Action hack-breaker is also regarded as illegal, because it has managed to open up previously inaccessible by other operating systems on a console that allows the PS3 console can run pirated software. This has pushed Sony to demand and want to put him in jail.

But outside the range of cases hack that referred to it, recently rumored to have worked Geohot on Facebook as one of the giants of social networking services and web sites that are very popular with more than 600 million active users selruh the world today. According to reports TechUnwrapped and Techmeme's Gabe Rivera, Geohot has joined Facebook as a software engineer since May 2011 that then. Hotz himself also reported to have confirmed the move more initially on 17 June.

Currently Facebook itself is reportedly working on a secret project "Trojan" or "Spartan" is portrayed by the media technology as a planned attack against Apple's App Store.

It is still doubtful if Geohot has been a member of the team on the project, but on the other hand, Facebook is also known to be actively developing original IPAD application.

According to the New York Times, Facebook has been working on the application for almost a year. And even Mark Zuckerberg as CEO and founder of Facebook, has also reportedly confirmed that one has worked and is actively involved in the project, overseeing the design decisions and key features of other applications.


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