Gaikai & Walmart Offer Trial Version PC Game Electronic Arts

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Retail giant Walmart and Gaikai as cloud-based game service providers, both reportedly recently signed a partnership that aims to allow players to get a trial version of PC-based video game from publisher Electronic Arts.And now Gaikai have provided links to trial versions of EA games are labeled "Play Now", on page Game Center from Walmart.

At this time there is a demo version is offered for titles like Dead Space 2 or Mass Effect 2.

The existence of a good Internet connection support, reportedly can support a large amount of data needed to play video games through these Gaikai.

Gaikai itself does not perform any installation on the system device dipilihpun players and titles that can be operated remotely on the server. With the input (input) made by the player will then be sent to the game play. After that, the video and audio being streamed back into the machine gamers. That way, players will have the option to buy games that have been tried, whether it takes a physical box or get the digital version.

Walmart itself seems to be paying Gaikai based on the number of minutes that the players use on the basis of existing modes. Correspondingly, Walmart and Gaikai also plans to bring 20 titles other than EA's games for his latest trial version of the program.

Cofounder Gaikai named David Perry, has also stated that, "Over the next 12 months, when people watched the video games on TV and wanted to try it, they believed that the quickest way will eventually be in Walmart site. This is an exciting moment and you will see more sites around the world doing the same with us. "

So far, Gaikai now available for PC gamers who have Internet connection required. And for the future, the company is apparently also planning providers will launch a cloud-based television service before the end of 2012 to come.


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