Valve Interested penetrated Cloud-based Game With OnLive

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

 Top attraction Valve As the owner and provider of digital distribution service Steam on your PC in the world's largest and leading, to OnLive to develop cloud-based game play features and suggest what would be involved. It is at least once expressed by one of the vice president of engineering OnLive named Joe Bentley some time ago. OnLive itself, together with several other companies including Gaikai, has pushed the game industry to adopt solutions that focus on content Cloud streaming games. That way, the players will not have to buy another game console or PC devices that are reliable only to enjoy a game of gameplay is there.

Although the service becomes popular and it is feared would threaten the existence of regular gaming company, OnLive confirmed that at least Valve has been very open with the Cloud-based gaming groups, especially the boss named Gabe Newell.

"Gabe and his team really like what we are doing now," said Bentley told CVG. "I can not explain the specifics of any conversation that we do, but we have been in talks with everyone in the industry. And they actually discuss further about OnLive. Gabe himself is a funny man because he's really not a competitive person and is very similar to Randy [Pitchford]. He looked at us as a party that complement each other in many different ways ".

OnLive executives also stressed that Valve's Steam is very passionate about, also about making games like Portal 2, which has been presented for all types of platforms, from its own digital services to the PC to consoles like PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

"He was fascinated with the features of Us and give us lots of advice, they have similar features and we talked about ideas that are truly innovative. I consider him and his company as friends. For sure we hope to have someone else do the same, but the industry is quite large. We only start up as many as 200 people, and we do not need to have it all, there is something for everyone ".

OnLive currently offers a subscription service from a computer device. Even so, reportedly one can also buy a special micro console that can simplify the cloud-based gaming experience


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