New Super Mario Bros. Mii, Colonial Marines & Darksiders II Will U sambangi Nintendo Wii

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Since it was introduced some time ago, good news began to overshadow the presence of a home gaming console Wii is the latest U previously rumored as Project Café is. Yes, what is not, since it was introduced by Nintendo's press conference E3 gaming expo in the event some time ago, the existence of U ni Nintendo Wii was responded enthusiastically by various groups, especially for large vendors engaged in the manufacturing game. Slowly but surely, now there has been some recent games that are ready again visited the existence of such U Nintendo Wii.Aware of the latest hardware is not just a matter of providing computing power and spectacular changes such as a touch screen mounted on the controller, but the success of the most important thing of course also not be separated by the presence of release-quality line of video games that compensate.

Once coupled with the Nintendo Wii Zelda U, reportedly there are a number of game titles that will be another platform is based on the latest home gaming console made ​​by Nintendo it.

One of the famous game title that is coming soon with the New Super Mario Bros. Mii. Please note, the game is designed using the same mechanism as the previous titles in the series that allows gamers to use their own virtual character creation along the protagonist battles Nintendo games.

The big surprise is also the case with the presence of Darksiders II gaming, which is the title of THQ games featuring the aroma of death with the support of graphics the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. U own Nintendo Wii users will also be presented with the game play Aliens: Colonial Marines, Ghost Recon Online, Metro: Last Light and New Tekken.


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