Seagate GoFlex Pink, Ultra-Portable Notebook With Nuance Pinky & Girly

Monday, July 4, 2011

Along with the acquisition of several leading storage solution vendors some time ago, reportedly have made a step Seagate increasingly certain to continue to exist in its industry segment that they do today. With this newest innovation, Seagate reportedly just rolling back the latest ultra portable hard drive is nuanced Pink and girly, known as the Pink Seagate GoFlex.With a capacity of 500 GB hard drive would have a lot of files, be it film, archive or whatever. Coupled with the presence of SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 standard interface, which makes users no longer need to wait too long to copy files with sizes larger and much though.

The existence of the latest iteration of the Universal Serial Bus technology is proved to have a theoretical maximum speed of approximately 5 Gbps or ten times more than USB 2.0.

In addition to the features diusungnya, ultra-portable hard drive given a touch of pinky shades on the outer surfaces so that it looks looks ciamik and girly. In the market, the price per unit of Seagate hard drives GoFlex Pink is reportedly priced at 109 USD or about 940 thousand dollars.

Meanwhile, for those wanting a more sophisticated hard drives, Seagate has also reportedly providing other GoFlex hard drive series. Seagate hard drive in question is GoFlex satellite, which is able to connect to the host system without being wired (wireless).


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