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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Your users Facebook and Twitter? If so surely you can already see the difference in features offered by both the social networking website that is now crowded loved by Internet users worldwide.
If there is a feature on Twitter itself Retweet which more and more people use the feature to post a re-tweet from someone else. Since a few months ago, this feature becomes a permanent feature.

Retweet system integrated with the API and website. Unfortunately, not much can be done from a fairly popular feature it now. Apparently it even attract up to 'borrow' those features and functions to adopt.

Facebook has started testing the same features as similarity to retweet, which allows users to share stories from their friends, but also credits them for stories via the link at the bottom of her posts. This feature is still in the testing phase, but apparently soon to be integrated into Facebook.

When the user clicks on the 'Share', then the user will be able to see the line-sharing section of dialogue. They can choose to throw it away, but if they do not, a line will appear at the bottom of the note indicating the original author. This feature is still limited for now and just working to post a link, one can not do it for status updates or post pictures.

Facebook does not mention formally about the details of this feature. It may be that this is the first step of the feature 'retweet' started their work in Facebook.


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