Windows Live Hotmail reach 1 Billion Active Views

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Your one Hotmail user? Maybe for you who do not have a Hotmail account is still a bit strange when you hear about Active Views. Active Views itself is one of the features of Windows Live Hotmail that allows Hotmail users to watch videos on Youtube and Hulu without having to visit the website first. You can also view pictures on Flickr using the features of the Active Views. Just open the message in your Hotmail Inbox that it contains a Youtube link, you now no longer need to click, but just simply click the play button only, then the video will be able to watch on the box your inbox. Wow!
Active Views are not new. Basically, Active Views are able to shorten the integration of dynamic and interactive content in the message, which allows users to gain access to the various rights of the content in your inbox (inbox) messages.

This feature can simplify the way that users use to to share content. For example, user A sends email to some other user to include a link to specific video content from YouTube. So with Active Views This means users who receive the email do not need to click on the link and visit YouTube to view the video, because the video content itself is already integrated in the message and you can see the video directly on the content of your message.

The existence of Active Views feature has now become part of Windows Live Hotmail. And another great feature of this turns out also has received support from some other popular sites like YouTube, Hulu, Flickr, FedEx, and so on.

"In the messages the user, we take the important content from other sites and let you access it thanks to Active Views feature that appears at the top of the message. This lets you retrieve e-mail with the URL text to video to share it, and not just a boring text displays, but allows you to watch videos without leaving the inbox, "said Dick Craddock, Group Program Manager of Hotmail.

"In traditional email is only available link text alone, the percentage of people who clicked on anything is less than 10%. However, with Active Views, users who click on the button play video can reach about 25% of all email messages with video. And in fact, now we have served more than one billion Active Views on the content images, videos, documents, and delivery notification ".

With 1 billion times the Active Views that have been accessed by users of Windows Live Hotmail for this course, is a milestone accomplishment for the software giant.

After the general attachments and links, Microsoft reportedly is currently expanding more dynamic and interactive experience of Hotmail messages there. And for the next step will involve: Invitations, Updates, rating, and promo-promo interest.

"The more services that use email to invite the members or their customers know when something has happened, and most of these messages have a simple response such as accepting the invitation, comment on photos, rating a movie," Craddock adds.

"Now the action is happening right in your inbox (inbox) you are, just click it will save you time, thanks to partners such as LinkedIn, Posterous, LivingSocial, and Netflix."


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