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Monday, July 25, 2011

Google App Engine which is a Google service where developers used to use it for free just now beginning to attach price. This is good news because a free service provided in which developers can use the Google infrastructure for building web applications and resources are limited in storage capacity. For only 500 mb capacity and to computing resources and bandwidth is limited to 5 million page views a month.
In the next 90 days, a free service but did not change following facilities will be reduced rations, but its resources will be added to the storage capacity of 1 Gb.

The new pricing scheme of the Google App Engine:

* $ 0.10 per CPU core hour. This is the actual time the CPU usage
* $ 0.10 per GB incoming bandwidth, $ 0.12 per GB outgoing bandwidth. This price includes traffic to and from users, between an application and an external server and data sent via the Email API
* $ 0.15 per GB of data stored per month
* $ 0.0001 per email recipient who sent the application

Popular applications that have been using Google App Engine is currently BuddyPoke, Lingospot, Best Buy's, and Mental Floss.

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