inio Able to Create Application-Based Tablet Tegra Faster

Monday, July 4, 2011

Some time past, the focus of media attention seems to have been much taken with a variety of publications related to the tablet on the market. And recently the media seems a bit disturbed by the news about Zinio for Android applications that can optimize the performance of the processor platform built with Tegra Nvidia. Tablet device typically used for things like reading magazines, watching videos, browsing the web and many other things. Correspondingly, performance diperolehpun unfortunately often seem inconsistent from one tablet to tablet the other and from one program to another program, with zooming, page navigation and scrolling text that sometimes runs well and sometimes not so good. But with the presence of this latest Zinio application seems to make everything look more smoothly.

"We are always looking for ways to improve the user experience Zinio, and integrate NVIDIA graphics processing capabilities are exceptional is a no-brainer," said Rich Maggiotto one of those who now serves as President and CEO of Zinio.

"Close cooperation between the two companies that have harnessed the power of Tegra to provide a transfer yard, zooming and panning capabilities are very seamless for users of Android Us".

So far, the application Zinio has been successfully used by two powerful Android tablet devices like Motorola and Samsung Galaxy Tab Xoom 10.1. And certainly, later it was likely going to be used also by other Android tablet devices.

"Zinio has a huge collection of magazines are interesting and interactive," said Neil Trevett, Vice President of Mobile Content at NVIDIA. "By optimizing the performance of the tablet-based Tegra, Zinio and NVIDIA will provide an exceptional reading experience."

Three most recent issue of ESPN, Harper's Bazaar and Popular Science magazine will be provided free of charge to anyone who download Android applications Zinio for this.


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