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Monday, July 4, 2011

Whether you're a mobile developer? Do you want to continue to exist with applications that you create so that it can be used on other platforms? if so, there's nothing wrong if you try mapping tool API (API Mapping tool) recently introduced by Microsoft. This new tool aims to offer the possibility of an application program that created the application developers of other platforms can be fully used on the Windows operating system Phone.In addition to this tool is intended for developers of Android applications, IOS was reportedly developers will also be provided a similar tool.

Basically, Android application builder offers a comprehensive package with the ease in learning how to connect your applications made developers on other platforms can be used on Microsoft Windows platform Phone. The package itself includes a mapping tool to the Windows API Android Phone, as well as the guide "Guide for Windows 7 Phone Android Developers Application" which contains more than 90 pages and consists of seven chapters.

This tool will not actually teach developers to build applications for the Windows platform Phone, but can allow developers can implement their own creation and launch applications easily on Windows operating systems so that they can reach phone users more broadly.

One other thing to note here, that the mapping tool does not cover all of the APIs available for Windows Phone or Android, mainly because of different operating systems. But certainly, Microsoft's own party has been set up to expand the scope as much as possible so far.

Furthermore, Microsoft will implement the database using the Windows Phone Mango flavor as the next mobile platform on the tool API mapping.


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