Upcoming Windows Phone With New Features For Developers

Monday, July 4, 2011

To coincide with the MIX11 conference in Las Vegas the new rolling a few days ago, there are indications that Microsoft will soon bring a new flavor of Windows platform Phone besutannya new plan will be rolling in the autumn of this year. Products with this Mango codename, reportedly will also carry a variety of new features that are provided specifically for application developers.Phone on the next version of Windows will also carry the hardware acceleration IE9 with HTML5, multitasking, the integration of Twitter in the hub People, and more. In addition, it will also offer access to new resources for supporting the platform builder app.

Meanwhile, Joe Belfiore which act as Microsoft's corporate vice president of Mobile also announced some of these features, and provide new opportunities for software developers who want to join. And specifically for developers who have long waited for, reportedly will also be available a set of the latest Windows Phone Developer Tools can be downloaded anytime from next month.

The new capabilities that will be offered to developers with new tools, which include:

- Live Agent, capable of creating superior customer engagement with real-time interaction via Live Tiles, Push Notification, Deep Linking and Background Agents. Multitasking is also further enhanced to allow for switching applications, audio and background file transfers much faster.

- Phone Integration which has been further enhanced for developers who want to do more with their application. Live Tile functionality has been expanded to give the developers more flexibility and involvement with its customers better.

- The Developer will have access to the library Motion Sensors and cameras, which allow significantly more experienced. This integration further extends into the operating system via sockets and access databases that have now been providing a variety of applications and games.

Windows Developer Tool Phone the latest available and ready for download starting this coming month of May, reportedly also will be equipped with a profiler and the latest emulator for testing, with appropriate support Silverlight and XNA in the same project, access to the SQL database, and calendar access and contact through the application.

Microsoft also noted that the newly formed alliance with Nokia is expected to help a broad ecosystem of Windows Phone. "Now we (Microsoft) is very excited about our alliance with Nokia that really matters to our developers and long-term potential of our shared ecosystem," as to what has been quoted from the most recent posts on the official blog Phone Windows Developer.


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