Nintendo's Response Regarding Error Black Screen of Death & Health Problems

Saturday, July 23, 2011

After the release of the latest model of the Nintendo 3DS last week, Japanese companies are now beginning to respond to messages it receives about the error that interferes with the device, including the Black Screen of Death, as well as health problems posed by these new devices.
Nintendo 3DS own devices now available worldwide, and the company also reportedly has just released the latest Nintendo 3DS models for the European market and North America at the weekend. Since then, two issues besarpun start bermuncul the official site of the latest model of the device manufacturer.
The first is a Black Screen of Death error that reportedly always appear when there is a failure in the most unexpected. This problem arises not caused by software problems of his game. And when an error occurs, the system often require users to reboot the system.

According to Nintendo, in which case the user must ensure the first version of software that is used when an error occurs before it is advisable to upgrade existing systems with the latest system version you have available, and if the problem continues to occur, the user / owner can directly contact Nintendo Customer Service the nearest local centers.

"We Recommendation is that if one is having problems with his console Nintendo 3DS, then we recommend that they download and install the latest update of the system, which is now available online. If the problem still persists, we recommend that they contact Nintendo Customer Service Center nearest to investigate local problems, "said Nintendo told The Inquirer.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo company also answered complaints from consumers who had been experiencing headaches or other eye problems although it has done the necessary precautions or resting even as what is shown on the Nintendo 3DS manuals that exist.

"We have demonstrated the Nintendo 3DS at several events around the world for hundreds of thousands of people and so far we only received very few negative comments," said Rob Saunders, a Nintendo UK representative, told Maxconsole.

"Whatever the problem posed is certainly require attention. Read by staring at the screen komputerpun, should be interspersed with rest. When viewing all types of 3D images (TV, movies, etc.), some people may experience minor discomfort. The impact of the problems caused only short-term nature and has no lasting effect. And in fact most users can continue to play games while occasionally interspersed with a short break ".

The executives Nintendo once again suggested that someone who already affected by the 3D effects should be able to use special sliders to reduce the impact or even eliminate it altogether if side effects continue to emerge.

Then the question is, how do you respond to the presence of Nintendo 3DS this? Do you really find any problems or errors related to the 3D effect with its software? Yes, all passed away on yourself can answer that.


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