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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Magicka glance it does look like a MMORPG but actually this game type Action-Adventure with gameplay system is quite unique and simple.

publisher: Paradox Interactive
developer: Arrowhead Game Studios
release date: 25 January 2011


Gameplay 65


This game is very simple story, with the fantasy world setting we would play the wizard who saved the world from the threat of a wicked witch. To be sure this game is very linear story and not fun to be enjoyed.


In addition to the simple story we also get the gameplay is simple but unique enough to be able to make us fun. In this game there are some elements of magic, namely the Water, Life, Cold, Earth, Lightning, Arcane, Shield, and Steam. Can we combine these elements to create dozens of more powerful attacks. Like the Earth with Fire magic elements will produce the magic that creates volcanoes line to protect us from enemy attacks and magic with Cold Water will produce a sharp rush of small ice very good at attacking enemies that come bergerombolan.

On the left side of the game screen there will be icon elements of magic that has been integrated with the keyboard, ie, Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, and F. And to execute the magic just click the right mouse button. In shaking the characters, we simply point your mouse and clicking the left mouse button. The key to success in this game is the hand speed.

This game trip-based level and some levels will have a fairly simple puzzle to be solved, such as to pass through the broken bridge, we can issue a Cold magic to freeze the river so that we can pass it. Along the level of play, we will fight many monsters in various forms, such as the Goblin, Orc, Troll until a magnitude three times that of our character. Which adds to the boredom, we will not get experince and raise the level of character. But we'll get the new witchcraft.

In addition to campaign mode, we can taste the fashion challenges, which in this mode we are challenged to successfully swept wave after wave of monsters coming. Mengasikan enough to see to what extent our ability to survive and this mode has a value Replayable to get the highest score. Playing with friends in this mode, which can support up to 4 players would make the game more exciting and very violent.


The game is presented in the form of a semi 3-dimensional cartoon look. There is nothing so special in terms of graphics at least on a magic moment spent looking colors with magical light effect is quite attractive in the eyes alone. apart from this, the environment looks very stiff like the graphics on the games of antiquity. Likewise, the character design is fairly simple. Keep in mind also, we will find some bugs in the graphics, like magic did not disappear even issued until we have to restart several times the level of the game. 


When viewed from all aspects, this game is categorized as a light game that is very mengasikan to dissipate stress. But for those who prefer a serious game full of action this game may seem disappointing. It all comes back to you, the readers to judge Technology News.


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