The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, a combination of RPG and Action Adventure impressive.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The first sequel to the game The Witcher was released in 2007 and now both are very impressive sequel is already present and also became one of the main present state of Polish Prime Minister to the President of the United States, Barack Obama. So how did a RPG game with this third person view? Let's look below.

This game tells Geralt, a professional monster hunter and is the main character in this game are interrogated by Roche, the commander of special forces Temeria kingdom. Geralt was imprisoned for alleged murder of the king named King Foltest Temeria. When the interrogation, Geralt telling the truth that caused the death of king Foltest, where he led the battle with the king Foltest in mission to free his children, Anais and Boussey, who was detained by the rebel forces. Having managed to find his children, the king Foltest killed by an assassin disguised as a blind monk, Geralt is late to save the king, was found by troops Temeria location of events and thought the killer king is Geralt.
After listening to the actual recognition of Geralt during interrogation, Roche is mistaken for the arrest Geralt finally helped him escape from prison. We also play Geralt find the killer king. This game has a deep storyline and very interesting to follow.

This does not present any RPG game features character creation, we will control the character figures that have been provided. Although we can not be free to be creative to create character figures, the game runs in this game is not linear because there are several options to choose from on the answers during a conversation and the answers we choose will impact on the storyline and the ending of the game is different.
Quest on this game does look simple and only revolves around exploring dungeons, destroy the nest of monsters, search for and collect a few items, until there is a quest that requires us to infiltrate without being noticed by the enemy. While only a few side quests are encountered and are mild, such as blocking the soldier to kill an unarmed population. For the status quest in this game we can see on the menu in monitoring the quest journal is being carried, a quest that failed, and the quest has been completed successfully.

In the fight that we can use two types of swords, the iron sword to fight with the humans and the silver sword to kill monsters. In addition, Geralt can also use some magic that can be combined with swordplay, using traps, throwing bombs, as well as some long-distance weapons. If you managed to make enemies by using magic Aard stun and then combine with swordplay, we can create special attacks are very deadly.

Geralt strength will increase along with the many quests that have been completed and the increasing number of successful enemies in libas, will get exp points which when accumulated in a certain amount will increase the level of character and earn points to unlock the tree abiliti Talents Geralt, such as increasing vitality to create protective magic.
In addition to the mechanism of fight in this game is indeed very interesting and mengasikan. We will be increasingly challenged to deal again with boss monsters that are large and have to go through several stages to be able to defeat it. Geralt of Health will be measured by the vitality of teletak bar at the top left corner of the game screen. And while the fight lasted we can not drink potions to fill that Geralt vitality has been reduced due to enemy attack. When dying, the battle tactics should be applied like a fleeing enemy while waiting for the vitality bar filled.

Unfortunately, items that were dropped does not automatically lead us into the screen when we walked past transactions, we must stand near the item to appear hand icon and then we have to press the mouse button to enter the transaction screen items to select an option to take all items, only a few items only, or not take at all. And it was a hassle. Likewise, the inventory management is quite confusing and appear to be different with other standard RPG gaming. RPG also provides its own keasikan to the player to be able to mix 9 items that we find throughout the game to be potions, bombs, and oil.
Throughout the game, we'll also find features Quick Time Events. Where in certain game scenes we are required to press a button well, as an example when Geralt using the arrow launcher tool. We should be clicking the mouse repeatedly and quickly to pull the rope slingshot before it can launch the giant arrows.

By using the new game engine, RED Engine, this second sequel managed to present the game world is very beautiful and detailed. Likewise, the characters contained in this game looks smooth and even scars on the body Geralt visible detail.
Physical effects in the game was very considered in terms of the smallest, such as fruit baskets that tersengol will fall and the fruit will be scattered or magic to the effect of wind that can blow away the wood barrier.

RPG gameplay combined with the aspect of making the action adventure game The Witcher 2 more stable, and supported also the latest game engines and sophisticated creates a beautiful visual and physical effects that create a fantasy world in this game more alive. I recommend The Witcher 2 is an RPG game titles that should be played and to keep in mind this game is not suitable for young children because a lot of blood showing.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
Publisher: CD Projekt RED
Developer: Namco Bandai
Genre: Action RPG
Release Date: May 17, 2011
Platform: PC, Xbox360, Playstation 3

Story 80
Gameplay 85
Graphic 95
Overall 90



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