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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Surely you know the game Angry Bird from the Rovio has reaped success on mobile platform and the Iphone has now become a game of The Best Selling. The gameplay is phenomenal also has been to expand into several other platforms, like mobile phones based on Android and Symbian 3 and Windows-based computers. Even now took to the social networking site, Facebook. And now Rovio has launched his latest sequel, namely Rio Angry Bird. Rio sequel has actually launched a few months ago for Apple's iPhone mobile platform and now the computer version has been present several weeks ago.

In this sequel, the ill-tempered birds was abducted to the city of Rio de Janeiro, arriving there they managed to escape and save the other birds are caged. The first session will begin with a save game birds, where birds are grumpy menabrakan them to destroy the confinement to a caged bird can fly freely.

How to play this game still remains the same as its predecessor, we use the slingshot to launch a bunch of grumpy birds with different characteristics, among them red-colored bird with a standard capability, small blue bird who has the ability to break itself into three tails, then the bird fat white eggs can drop bombs, bird-shaped yellow triangle that has the ability to dive sharply, and so on. In this sequel there is a bird of the main character in the animated film characters Rio, which is a blue bird named Blu and Jewel. Both will be blue birds can be found at the end of the first session by freeing them from captivity. And at the end of the second session of the game, we'll be able to use Blu birds and Jewel with their ability to work while flying.

After passing the first session with the rescue mission, at the next session we will be dealing with a new enemy, the Monkey and is no longer hostile to the Pig. At the end of the second session we will also deal with the Boss Battle, the white bird of bad character in the movie Rio character, named Nigel. Boss Battle in the fight, the enemy is tougher and can not be defeated with just one attack alone. And they also do not shut the place just like the enemy at the usual level. This is a challenge that is quite interesting in Rio Angry Bird.

And now in a level, but there is a structural arrangement consisting of wood, metal, and glass, there are also new objects, such as the chandelier that will swing from left to right so sometimes the birds are launched not on target due to tersengol by the chandelier, then float pool and a giant mushroom that can make a bird or an object memental the other direction, until there are fruits like Banana, Pineapple, and so that if we succeed on these fruits then we can add points to the score.

There was no significant increase in graphics this game, it's just a sharper texture color with the background of the game more attractive and more deeply impressed. Then the animation is much better, like the monkeys who will fall seen moving his eyes bulging with fear of surprise, when compared with its predecessor enemy, Pigs are just impressed at ease when going to fall.
To vote on this game also feels the increase, such as music on the game menu with a melody that is faster, then the sound when frightened monkeys can also be felt until the Angry Bird sounds are more varied than the sequel to its predecessor.

Angry Bird lovers should try the latest sequel, with an increase in an increasingly challenging levels, new enemies, and features a Boss Battle, which makes Angry Bird Rio even more attractive to play and I'm sure it makes gamers addicted to return with an addictive game and liked all types of age , ranging from children to adults.

Angry Bird Rio
Developer: Rovio
Publisher: Rovio
Genre: Puzzle
Release Date: April 2011
Platform: PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Symbian 3.

Gameplay 90
Graphic 80
Overall 95



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