Game Making Competition Winners Announced Microsoft Kodu Cup 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Microsoft's game development competition for the children using the platform as a base Kodu project has recently been held. And along with that, the winners for the first edition are now Kodu Cup has just been announced.Kodu as a new visual programming language designed to make the game, has been offering it for free on Windows and Xbox platforms.

For students who are already familiar with the visual programming language would not necessarily need such high coding skills to make a homemade game. That way, children as young as nine or even younger would be able to easily build their own creations gaming projects.

An example is a child named Hannah Wyman who was only 10 years old turned out he had just won the grand prize for video games in the group aged 9-12 with a game project called Toxic.

"Children are innocent they are, have done many things in the previous Kodu I never imagined. These children have their own imagination and fantasy world of zombies, monsters and infectious diseases, as well as the hero myth is an incredible variety of course ", said Brad Gibson, senior program manager of Microsoft Research's Future Social Experiences (FUSE) Labs.

"On one hand you say," Hey, they are children, you expect a lot of imagination that will arise ". But when you look at the depth of gameplay and a wealth of stories they've created, I think that would later many children in his own way to become world-class game designers ".

So far Microsoft itself has not officially announced the winners through the Microsoft site Kodu Cup 2011. And Mirosoft only post with the name game for any project.

Other winners in different age groups, falling to 15-year-old boy named Jacen Sherman with the games Vortex. While the 9-year-old boy named David Gardiner has also successfully won the first position with a game project called Alien Attack.

"If you're a tech-savvy, will certainly make you more competitive and gives you an advantage in your work place. What we're trying to do is find a way to make children more directed to the tech savvy. That's the kind of foundation for the Kodu, "added Gibson.

"This is a beautiful and interesting to see what's happened since Kodu released. We already have more than 100,000 software downloading in about 15 months and we are working with schools across the country and around the world to install Kodu ".

Here are excerpts of video games Microsoft Kodu Cup winners 2011, namely:


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