Review Battle: Los Angeles, the video game version is not as good as the movie.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Battle of Los Angeles, The Game is a game that was adapted from the fiction film made by director Jonathan Liebesman and use the exact same title with the movie. Battle of Los Angeles itself tells of a massive invasion of aliens to Earth and a group of U.S. marines are on a mission rescue civilians trapped in the middle of town and then they struggled to defend the city of Los Angeles, the only city left.
This game comes in first person shooter format with a linear style of play, where we are required to move from point A to point B and so on. In this game we will play one of the main forces of U.S. Marines and throughout the game we will always be accompanied by several members of the other Marines as well as on film, of which there is a sergeant Michael Nantz, Elena Mads and so on. then we'll explore familiar locations as well if we've seen the movie. As the streets of Los Angeles, backyard with a swimming pool, gas stations, until the underground sewers.

This game offers three difficulty levels to choose from, namely Easy, Normal, and Hard. When trying to Normal level, the game was easy at all, just the style of Rambo-style fight, we can drop the three enemies at once before our health runs out. While the enemy AI in this game seem have no tactics and have a low intelligence, they often hide behind objects when we memberondongkan bullets in their direction, so that we can easily defeat them. It's just that they sometimes like to appear suddenly and attack us. There are three types of enemies are there in this game, namely the Alien, Walking Gun, and the spacecraft's Alien. all can be defeated by ordinary means. No enemy is so special or challenging in this FPS game.

In this game we can use various types of modern weapons to fight the enemy and we are only allowed to carry only two types of weapons, including weapons are Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Bazzoka, Grenades, machine guns to use in car turet Humvee. Surprisingly, we can turet machine guns firing continuously with unlimited ammo and no overheating the engine turetnya. Then we can also perform some movements such as running for a while and then we'll be tired and slow motion. And we can also take cover behind objects to avoid enemy fire while returning health is reduced.

Story while opening up the game ending in this game is not presented in the form of animation but in the style of comics with drawings made from scratch hands. If the story if the game is presented in the piece scenes taken directly from the film, may be able to add great value to this game. The developer also added a feature to unlock the unlockable videos, pictures, and Mods, with the completed return this game in different difficulty levels. But for myself, I will not play again because the games are too linear and not challenging.

Visually this game is actually decent, the characters resemble the face of figures contained in the film, but without the effects of facial expressions. As for the design of the location of the game, the city of Los Angeles that was destroyed due to alien invasion is also seen steady and explosion effects that look realistic and environmentally destructive, such as cars that continue to burst fire and bullets mowed walls would collapse, and explosions that can break down a giant billboard. But unfortunately the weapon textures in this game looks disappointing.

Movie Battle: Los Angeles is an attractive one, while for the version of the game, just a standard FPS games only. Maybe the developers released the game in a hurry so no polish is interesting to gameplaynya. Then when the game is very short for an action adventure FPS game, where I finished it just about 2 hours at normal levels by the gameover for 1 time only.

Battle of Los Angeles
Developer: Saber Interactive
Publisher: Konami
Genre: FPS
Release Date: March 11, 2011
Platform: PC, Xbox360, Playstation 3

Story 70
Gameplay 50
Graphic 75
Overall 60


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