Review Fable 3, the increase in the gameplay that makes it more solid RPG game.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

After a long wait, finally Microsoft and Lionhead Studios released the third installment of Fable for the PC as well. Where before Fable 2 is not released for the PC and on the previous year had circulated the news that Fable 3 is only released for the Xbox 360 console only. This is the end of PC gamers waiting for an RPG game which is quite successful in the sequel-sequel ever. However, if the sequel can still connect this third sequel to its predecessor's success. Let us refer to her review below.

In this game we will play Hero character (player character) with two episodes of the game. For the story on the first episode, set in the 50 years after the events in the game Fable 2, where the continent Albion are at the mercy of a tyrant king named King Logan and is the oldest brother of the Hero.
Albion People who are depressed will tyrannical king Logan forced Hero to lead the revolution in overthrowing the king Logan of power. And after the Hero had become king ruler of Albion, the story of this game still continues to game the second episode, where munculah a mysterious force from the Aurora, which is called The Darkness and threatening the continent Albion. In this episode, Hero as king must decide how to protect his kingdom from the invasion of The Darkness and set the prosperity of its people. The story in Fable third game more interesting and a lot of intrigue quite challenging.

In the first episode of the game to topple the king of Logan, we will become a new hero by helping people to gain their support and gather allies to launch a revolution. This may be done by completing various quests there, finish off the enemy, to interact with people around us, in collecting points and get the Hero Guild Seals useful to enhance the capabilities and character skills to unlock new expression in dealing with people, as it is today we've been able to shake hands, hugging, mengandeng hand, and others.

Leveling or enhance the character skills are now implemented into three-dimensional view with some crates along the way there are skills that can be opened if we managed to collect a predetermined number of points. Leveling system is called the Road to Rule which can be accessed at the Sanctuary.

For the Sanctuary is a place that consists of several rooms, such as living to see the status of the characters, game statistics, leveling, maps, until there is space to accommodate and change their costumes or armor of war, space to accommodate various types of weapons we have, as well as space for our store game data. To visit the Sanctuary at the push of a button and we will be teleported to the place. So also when going back to the previous location just by pressing the Esc button only.

The fight in this RPG game is quite simple. We can use melee weapons like swords or hammers, distance weapons such as pistols or rifles, and magic. In doing magical attack, it will automatically target any enemies. Thus we need not bother anymore to pinpoint targets and to use distance weapons, like pistols, we are required to shoot the enemy as well as in FPS games.

Then throughout the game, we also are accompanied by a faithful dog that follows us wherever located. Dogs will also tell us the location where the treasure chests and buried treasures on the ground. We can also interact with the dog, whether it concerned with stroking to feed him.

Fable 3 gives players the freedom to act, if you want to be Good or Evil and will be shown on the physical appearance of the character of Hero with a pair of wings grows if we often behave and grow horns devil if we are often cruel. Not only exploring the dungeon and complete quests, there is a life simulation that can be tasted in this game, we can buy and rent out the house can then be developed into a shop and have the benefits of these efforts will be used to purchase other necessities, like clothes armor, weapons, or items of support. If we take the time to visit and interact with tenants, we can get some points Hero. In addition, we can choose one of the main women to serve as a boyfriend and get married. This game also presents a total of 50 legendary weapon that can be collected. Some of them can be obtained from quests, shops, and a treasure chest. It became a separate keasikan for players in spending hours to find all the legendary weapons.

Although with the same game engine, visual Fable 3 increased the better, like texture with high quality, a more real reflection of water, lighting and shadows are more solid, as well as an increasingly smooth animation and life. The level of detail is also increasing, this is seen in the more weighty character armor. Unfortunately, the display colors in this game looks less sharp and slightly grayish.

Finally, Fable 3 is a fantasy RPG game that is fun and quite mengasikan. Wait a long time PC gamers paid by the features on offer ranging from games that are more weighty stories, deeper gameplay increase from the previous two sequels, as well as better visual.

Fable 3
Developer: Lionhead Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Games Studio
Genre: RPG
Release date: May 20, 2011
Platform: PC, Xbox360

Story 80
Gameplay 90
Graphic 90
Overall 95



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