iMobot Modular Robots for Research

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

University of California Davis commercializing modular robots that will allow researchers study such as a robot AI field of robotics, biomimetics, and collaborative robots without having to build the hardware itself. Barobo IMobot quoted from, developed by Graham Ryland and Harry Cheng, intended to fill the gap in the market for modular machines for research.

As seen on the video below, each module iMobot can crawl or roll around, and stood up. The camera can be inserted into the joint faceplate turning, according to the researchers.

Modules can be linked into the shape like a snake robot that can be stretched on uneven terrain, or larger formations that can be moved on wheels.

Each module has a standard mount to the other modules and sensor modules can be added in limited configurations. Start-up robot maker is receiving research funding for small-business innovation from the National Science Foundation, and they hope to market iMobot at the end of 2011.


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