Captcha techniques as a Solution With Moving Objects Closes Road for Robot Hackers Want infiltrates

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do you still lay with Captcha? If you often surf in cyberspace and registration on a website, usually there will be a security code that contains alphanumeric characters that you must fill in accordance with the drawings, if wrong then you have to repeat the charge. If it is correct then the registration phase will be successful. Security code that is named with the Captcha.

Scientists at Tel Aviv University is currently working on a new captcha technology that they think will be more difficult for hackers ditelusupi by robots. The new system relies on the ability of people to recognize the object when the object is moving, although this new system may be much harder to see than regular images.

"Humans have highly specialized skills that have not been able to master the computer boots," said Professor Danny Cohen-Or. "We can see what is called 'the emergence of image', when an object on the computer screen becomes recognizable when moving and identify these images in seconds.

"Although one can not see the image as a stationary object on the background of dappled, moving objects will allow us to recognize and process it."

The new synthesis technique produces 3D images like the people running or aircraft in flight. This will allow developers to produce an infinite number of moving objects which would be almost impossible to be solved by computer algorithms.

Scientists warn that this experiment will take a little longer before research results can be applied in the real world. But they are currently defining the parameters that identify the level of difficulty of perception variety of images that can be used in future security technology web.

"We do not claim that our research has been thoroughly resolved," said Professor Cohen-Or. "But we are taking steps in that direction, something that could generate a far better captcha, to highlight the major differences between humans and bots.

Hopefully this research will result in a better way to identify a user whether a human or a robot, without having to make it difficult to get through this process will be.


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