Catalyst MVC Web Framework based on Perl

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

catalyst_bookAnda PHP developers who like to try new framework? This could be one of the things that could be your reference to trying new MVC framework, which is Catalyst.

Intermezo little, of the many frameworks, there are two frameworks that pretty much used in Indonesia, namely CodeIgniter and CakePHP framework. Both have advantages and disadvantages of different. If the orientation you build a system that load quickly, then you can drop your choice on CodeIgniter with faster execution time, but unfortunately a lot of info in circulation, CodeIgniter CakePHP is not as complete a library that has more than CodeIgniter, because so many , is quite natural that the execution time is much slower than CodeIgniter.

Back to talk about Catalyst, quoted from his own website that Catalyst is a framework that is "fun, rewarding and quick". Like most of the MVC framework structure is not too much different concept, just more of the ways to declare and how to use them. In Catalyst, we need not worry about the issue or validation session, because it is already provided by default. But of what is said by the developer himself, Catalyst declaration means more free, because it can use more than one way. In addition, the ease with which you can get, that is, if you want to create output in the form of PNG or PDF, you just need a few line code just so it can use it on your system. Well, yes it sounds easy enough!

Currently, the Catalyst framework itself has been able to run fine on FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and Windows. As for the web server, Catalyst is able to adapt itself to the IIS, Zeus, Apache and lighttpd. Saying, that Catalyst provides convenience to the developer that is because Catalyst is able to adapt to the developer, not the developer who adapt to the Catalyst. Well, you are interested to try it? Or if you've tried it, please love your comments below.


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