PlayGo Launches Wireless Audio Streaming With USB Connection

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Playgo recently released a wireless audio with USB plug-and-play. This hardware can be used for both PCs and Macs.

Audio hardware consists of two components. The first component is connected with a USB port on the computer, and the other is connected to the audio device. Next, you just listen to crystal clear sound through speakers, headphones, or even use the RCA connection.

Shown in this PlayGo circle colored LED lights in the middle when there is an audio stream.

In addition, this Playgo also made ​​of special material called Corian. Despite his appearance as ordinary plastic, but this Corian is a material made ​​by DuPont and used in the building industry. Instead, of course the price is quite expensive. Playgo sold in America with a price of 400 USD or about 3.4 million dollars. Audio transmission band performed at 2.4 GHz and capable of flowing 24-bit audio to various audio devices that can capture streaming audio streams in wireless.

In addition, Playgo streaming audio can be used directly, not need an AC adapter to the receiver. The system will instantly find a channel between the transmitter and the receiver and pick the best frequencies. There are two colors, ie orange and white.


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