danger! IOS on the iPhone could reveal user information

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

At the launch of IOS 4.3.5, Apple intends to fix the security system operating system. But not describe how much leeway that exists in the IOS security system.

Is a tool called sslsniff, which can break the security system security IOS. If you have not updated IOS with IOS 4.3.5, then the security of your data when browsing the Internet is very vulnerable. The hackers can break you with this tool without being noticed by you.

Your personal information, especially when you go to sites that require a username and password, including a Paypal account, online banking accounts, facebook, etc., can be stolen easily.

Apple strongly recommends its users to immediately update the IOS had become IOS 4.3.5. But for those who have an iPhone 3G or the version below, the improvement of security systems have not been provided by Apple.


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