Robot Open Source Qbo with Linux Operating System

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What's so special about the robot QBO? Well the main, the robot is running on the Linux operating system and will offer its code as open source for the advanced programmer to use it.

TheCorpora Qbo robot manufacturers complements robots with various types of sensors, a high-def stereo webcam eye, ear microphone, and even mouth LED. Inside the belly lies the Mini-ITX motherboard and be able to connect internet via WiFi, Bluetooth equipped, an Intel Atom processor and NVIDIA graphics Ion. Unfortunately, these robots do not have any arms emang neh but smart in recognizing the environment because it can recognize faces mapun object.

There is also a speech recognition system so that we can talk to this robot and there is also a Speech Synthesis System, APIs and Web Control panel. The price is unknown for now.

You can follow the development of this robot in

Qbo Robot Specifications:

* Height 456mm

* Width 314mm
* Depth 292.5 mm
* Weight 9-11kg aprox.
* Charge: Autocharging Dock Station


* Ears 2 & 1 unidirectional Omnidirectional Microphones

* Eyes 2 Webcams HiDef & 2 eyelids
* Movements 4 Servos (Up-Down, Left, Right)
* Mouth 20 Leds
* Nose 1 Led
* Connections Wifi PCB 802g / n & & Bluetooth antenna
* QPR2 a controller PCB Hardware


* 4 Ultrasonic Sensors, 1 Sharp & 3 Infrared

* Motors 2 DC Motors with Magnetic encoder (170 RPM)
* Wheels 2 Wheels (rear) & 1 Free Wheel (front)
* 2 High Quality Sound Speakers
* Controllers 1 Mini-ITX main board powered by NVIDIA ION ATOM & Graphic
* QPR1 a controller PCB Hardware
* Battery 1 Sealed battery (7.5Ah)
* Robot Status 1 20 × 4 LCD Display


* Stereoscopic vision

* Speech Recognition System
* Speech Synthesis System
* Qbo's APIs & Web Control Panel
* WiFi & Bluetooth connections
* Qbo avoid crashes and falls thanks to ultrasound sensors


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