Foxconn Apple in China's Manufacturing Workers Want Change Man with One Million Robots

Friday, August 5, 2011

Looks like a few days a number of workers at the company Foxconn soon ended his time. Founder and chairman of Foxconn, Terry Gou has reportedly said that Foxconn has a plan to replace a number of workers who are yet to be determined by one million robots in three years.
If you do not already know by now - Foxconn is a manufacturer company that produce / assemble products for Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad even Sony and Nokia. Foxconn currently have 10,000 robots and plans to reach 300,000 next year.

With reports of suicide, the workers who are not comfortable and the explosion that occurred at Foxconn's factories, making them use the robots might be a good idea. But with around 1.2 million people worked at Foxconn now, one million robots could pose a serious unemployment problem in certain areas, and did not rule on China's own country if the trend is spreading the use of robots.

Truthfully, there are also economic problems int factory workers know all too well the west: a rise in labor costs, there is an incentive for companies to switch to robotic automation


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