In English country Pirated CDs and DVDs Will Not Illegal Again

Friday, August 5, 2011

The British Government plans to make a breakthrough in technological settings. In the near future they will announce that the copy or duplicate the contents of a CD or DVD or in other words pirated CDs or DVDs for personal use is legal action.
Reuters reported that it carried the English because it is associated with the proliferation of pirated CDs and DVDs. They said that despite the prohibition against the existence of pirated CDs or DVDs, there are still many people who do it illegally for the purpose of this step pribadi.Ditengarai will spread to other countries in Europe and America.

But the British government said the legalization of pirated CDs and DVDs are only for personal pengggunaan only. So for those who knowingly sell or provide pirated VCD or its contents to another person or on the internet is an illegal act.

It was not clear whether these rules are included for DVD or Blu-ray the contents of which are protected.


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