Fujitsu IS12T Windows Mobile 7 Phone Mango Apparently Also Equipped Earthquake Detector Facility

Friday, August 5, 2011

Some time ago Fujitsu has launched a phone based on Windows 7 Phone Mango. Besides having a fantastic camera, 13.2 MP and up to 32 GB of internal memory, this phone was also functions as an earthquake detector.

The analysts assumed that the earthquake detector function is closely related to the mobile phone market share IS12T Fujitsu Mango. Currently Fujitsu's mobile phone market is only just in Japan alone. With Japan's natural conditions are vulnerable to the earthquake, the earthquake detector functionality into a very positive thing.

With this earthquake detector facility, its users can find out if there are vibrations in the ground where they stand, and asks its users to immediately move toward higher ground to cope with the tsunami.

Notification of these applications can also be stored and sent in the form of SMS. So the user can forward the message to a friend or relation.


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