Google Docs Enriched With New Features OCR Language Support 34

Monday, August 15, 2011

Since the rapidly increasing use of the internet of late, various online services popping up seemed to flourish everywhere. Along with it, reportedly now many people began to move into the existing online services. In addition to offering a number of convenience and practicality for its users, it also provides management services jointly or known by sharing that seems difficult to find on the use of ordinary desktop applications.

Google as the largest and most popular service providers now reportedly has enriched the existence of its features of Google Docs. Keep in mind also, the existence of Google Docs is probably gradually has positioned the equivalence with the existence of a type-based applications a typical desktop. Moreover, Google Docs has now been enriched by a new cool feature is the built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR). With this feature allows users to upload files that are scanned or even a picture, and turn it into "editable" in the original document. Actually, this feature alone was introduced last year and Google has now expanded the number of foreign languages ​​are supported by 29 so that a whole new language has reached 34 languages.

Jaron Scaeffer which acts as a Software Enginner at Google, recently revealed that his side do just as much as an additional language support 29 languages ​​including European languages ​​most widely used, Russian, Simplified Chinese language and several other Asian languages. And on the upload page, when users will upload a file, there is shown a full list of languages ​​to be used.


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