Microsoft: Countdown Extinction Internet Explorer 6 (IE6)

Monday, August 15, 2011

10 years is not a short time, but with time during the Internet Explorer 6 or later we often refer to IE6, have never felt to be the most popular browser in the world. But that was then, now even the Microsoft is trying hard to deliver IE6 to periods of retirement.

Even extinction can be your watchlist directly from the website, where we can monitor directly the use of IE6 worldwide. In Indonesia alone there are now at least 3.3% IE6 users. Parties Microsoft is now trying to make internet users leave IE6 or at least a percentage point to 1% IE6 usage only. Of course, extinction is due to be born a new browser Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) is more qualified to be used to access the website of today's modern generation.

Microsoft says this party: IE6 is a great browser, for the moment, but is now obsolete and it is time for Internet users around the world to embrace the browser with the ability to support modern web standards.

"Right now in 2011, IE6 has officially 10 years old. According to Net Applications, IE6 now only 12% of course its use throughout the world, "said Roger Capriotti, the Internet Explorer product marketing.

"Our goal is to make its use declined by 1% only. Why 1%? We are aware that there can be a magic number (0%) will be achieved while the web developer is still providing support to older browsers, we believe that the 1% will allow many web developers to begin to shift priorities when making a website IE6. That is, you need not spend much time spinning fun trying to make your website compatible with IE6. " currently updated every month. Especially for users of Windows operating system Vista SP2 and Windows 7, it seems you should start to move using IE9, as soon IE 9 Release Candidate (RC) will be available for download.

Capriotti stressed that Microsoft is now put forward the view that the world be better without the presence of IE6 and IE6 Countdown project itself is one illustration.

"We know that users of older browsers IE6 as this is because in their workplace. We have put together some resources to help understand the business value of extinction IE6 and give them the transition to a new browser. With the help, we are looking forward to help the web developers around the world to spread the good news is that by placing a banner that can be installed on the website so that users of IE6 can know this. "Capriotti said again.


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