Twitter Buy GeoAPI To Develop its Applications

Monday, August 15, 2011

picture_1_270x79Mengembangkan a social networking website is not easy. Apart from having advanced in terms of features, also should be able to attract a lot of user interest with the various features and advantages that exist. So do not be surprised if Twitter is now a large following in cyberspace.
Twitter has now bought Mixer Labs, a company that has created GeoAPI services which can be used by website developers to build applications in particular are now required by the Twitter. Evan Williams, Twitter's CEO, has announced the acquisition in his company blog that "when the current location is added to the tweet, new services and more valuable where you can find your friends who are in certain locations can be done easily."

Agreement on cost was not disclosed in detail, but it will show that the Twitter has put some of its own funds which are now obtained from the Google and Microsoft to develop its business. Elad Gil, CEO and founder Mixer Labs, is part of Google and McKinsey, said the company was first founded by the Google Mobile team.

Features Geo-location alone is definitely one of the interesting part of which social networking websites such as Foursquare and Gowalla companies have shown more concern about it.


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