Horror F.3.A.R 3 Game Review of Less terrorized.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

FEAR sequel to previous games in the horror element is known to have a gripping and smart level AI that makes the highly anticipated sequel to his successor and calculated by the gamers who have played it. Then how is the sequel to his successor who has reached the third installment which must have been progressing better by learning from the two previous sequels. Let us refer to this game review below.


This game berseting nine months ago after the incident at first and second sequel to Fear. Point Man finally captured by troops Armacham. When the Point Man was in the interrogation, munculah Paxton Fettel who screwed up and Point Man freed. The game begins with a guided Point Man escaped from prison to go to Fairport accompanied by Paxton Fettel.


In this game presents two figures of characters, namely the Point Man is the protagonist character with the style of FPS game play like other standards, where we can take cover behind objects, aim and shoot, throw grenades, melee attacks, even slow motion so we can drop some enemy in an instant. Point Man Mech robot can also climb and use it to face the waves of enemies that come and some robot enemy Mech.

Meanwhile, when we control Paxton Fettel, the antagonist who like cruelty will give us the experience of playing a different character Point Man, where we can use telekinesis abilities, such as lifting an enemy into the air from a distance. Then issue an electric shock as well as some unique melee attacks as well. At first played this game campaign, we will use the Point Man and finish it, and then we can use Paxton Fettel to get a different ending to the game. This game also presents a cooperative mode between the Point Man and Paxton Fettel campagin in completing this game.

Fear 3 has a fairly smart AI like the sequel to its predecessor, they will move tactically to surround you from all directions. Sometimes when we are cornered they will spray bullets continuously and occasionally throw a grenade. we can only hope they soon run out of ammunition and ammunition as they fill. This is our opportunity to target and knock them down. Enemy AI is also difficult to target because they like to hide behind objects, sometimes they will come out of hiding places and get closer to our position. With a difficulty level like this, normal that we often gameover, fortunately this game based on checkpoints that automatically save our game, so if we gameover, we will repeat the game from the nearest checkpoint. Amazingly, while storing and loading the game, the game still runs smoothly without getting bogged down.

This game has an automatic leveling system, where when we successfully complete the challenge within the game, like collecting dolls Alma, do 10 kills from the hideout, collect ammo and grenades as much as 30 times, had 100 kill, do 5 shot kill with explosives, do 50 headshot, use of certain weapons in a few minutes, and so on, then we will accept a number of points that will automatically improve the status of our character that includes Aggression, Tactics, Aptitude, and Psychic.

For gamers who have played the first and second Fear, may be familiar with the style of horror in this game. Actually, elements of horror on Fear 3 less bite than the two previous sequels. Environmental games and music dialunkan indeed managed to bring players into atmosir scary, but the sudden appearance mysterious woman, Alma and his cronies are less makes our heart jump alias mediocrity.


Visual games that have been adapted to the current trend, which has supported DirectX 11 was performed with impressive but not as fancy as other FPS games. Some enemies seem less detail and colors less sharp or blur. But that should diancungi thumb is animated explosion with smoke particle effect to hit the screen when the explosion occurred in front of the character. Then for the lighting effects are also looks good, it looks at the level of play in the Store with a dark room conditions and only illuminated by the light of dozens of LCD TVs in the store.


This game successfully combines elements of horror and action very well. But unfortunately the horror elements are still lacking bite and I think the game Dead Space 2 is more creepy than this game. Fortunately the action element is packed with fast tempo and exciting, so managed to make players feel at home with this game. Anyway, this game is not good for children under the age of 18 years, because many contain elements of violence and blood.

F.3. A. R

Developer: Day 1 Studios
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
Genre: Action Horror
Platform: PC, Xbox360, Playstation 3
Release date: June 29, 2011


Story 70
Gameplay 80
Graphic 80
Overall 80


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