New Android Trojan Virus Found, Can Record Phone Conversation

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Security system against the virus in the Android operating system appears to be a problem. In fact it has become common knowledge that Android is a mobile platform that has the lowest security system.

The latest is the emergence of a trojan virus that can record conversations on the phone. There has been no definite information whether the virus is also able to send the recorded conversation to the other party. But one thing is certain, the recorded conversation is saved in. Amr and stored in the directory shangzhou / callrecord on SD memory cards.This virus was first discovered a security software company specialized in computer security CA Dinesh Venkatesan. From the software is known that this virus is regarded as legitimate by the application Android operating system Android.

But the software Venkestan ensure that this virus can not install itself automatically. But the install button will appear that has a shape similar to the Android application in general.

Once the virus is successfully installed, then the next virus will remotely from the phone configuration file, and if the phone is used for the call, then the virus will automatically work and start recording the conversation.

To that end the researchers hope that the technology android mobile phone users to exercise caution when downloading an application. They suggested that only downloading applications from websites that can be trusted as Android Market App Store or Amazon.
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