Projected Windows Tablet Revival Year 2012 With Intel Support Upcoming

Monday, August 8, 2011

Although the current Windows with support for Intel tablets or tablets better known as Wintel is still overshadowed by kepopularan tablets Android-ARM, but in 2012 an estimated tablets Wintel will probably be up and change his luck to the better.

Given the tablet market is currently dominated by Apple iPad, making today is not the right time for the existence of the tablet result of a collaboration between Intel and Microsoft. This of course can not be separated with the reality that exists today, that the two companies did not have the technology needed to produce a tablet that would be able to compete with the existence of the iPad.

The presence of the ARM architecture platform has been developed on various platforms, such as NVIDIA Tegra 2 and Qualcomm Snapdragon, which also makes the current existence of Wintel tablets appear to look awry. And although some Atom-powered tablet model has been supported operating system Windows 7, but its existence was apparently still has not really taken into account.

In response to the current existence of the tablet market, Intel and Microsoft seem to have not demonstrated kegentaraanya. And even both supposedly even plans to develop new platforms that will develop the hardware-software combination that allows the CPU to the power intake just 5W when running the Windows operating system 8. Joint project is itself reportedly not expected to realized in 2012.

In addition to Intel chips that have been supporting the Android OS, Microsoft Windows 8 reportedly was also compatible with the ARM processor architecture. In other words, there must be mutual kekompatibilitasan bigger so the competition is real on both sides of the tablet Wintel and ARM-Android may not turn into too much in there to pick up market share


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