Review of Counter Strike Online, fast and tactical gameplay still retained plus a myriad of new features.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Who does not know the game Counter Strike? Valve game made since 1999 has been known to gamers as gameplaynya concept that is simple and requires the cooperation of players in a team, making the game a shootout with a first person perspective is quite popular from different ages. Nexon, a company headquartered in South Korea, which is famous for their homemade online games like Nexus: The Kingdoms of the Wind or Maplestory, redevelop the game Counter Strike Counter Strike Online with under the supervision of the official license holder Valve Corporation. Well, Megaxus as a provider of online games in Indonesia, bringing the game Counter Strike Online to complain compactness and agility of the team shoot between players from all over Indonesia. This online gaming has entered the stage of the Open Beta on July 22, 2011 ago and we have tried to provide a review to the loyal readers of News of Technology.


Before entering the game, we are required to log in and then we will be brought to the Lobby of the game. From the lobby screen is we will be able to access our ID info, be it a level that has been achieved, and the amount of experience points that have been collected, then access the Shop, Clan, mission, to choose the room and jump into the game.

Game modes on offer in this game is quite varied, which includes a game mode from the original Counter Strike, like the Bomb Mission, Hostage Rescue, Annihilation, and Assassination. Then there are also new game modes such as Deadmatch, Deadmatch Team, as well as the Bot feature to hone our skills before plunging straight play fighting with friends - friends. The possibility also would follow Zombie game mode.

In making room in the online FPS game is also quite simple, with just a few steps then the room we've been able to form. Room settings ranging from entitlements Room, setting limits the number of players in our room, until the election of game modes and maps of the game, then we can determine the game time and the limit-point victory. In addition, we can arrange our room to be used for inter-clan fighting alone.

For gameplaynya not much developed, is still similar to the game Counter Strike unusual or original. We can choose one character model from a few character models are available. The character models in Counter Strike Online is also increasing. To the side of the Counter Terrorist, Seal Team 6 of them are from America, from the German GSG-9, SAS from the UK, and 707 of the French GIGN, the Spetsnaz of Russia, SAT from Japan, SOZO from China. Likewise with the terrorists, of which there is Midwest Militia model and Guerrilla Warfare.

Then before the game starts, we can buy weapons of various types of weapons and completing the support available. There are many types of weapons that were presented in this game, ranging from weapons contained in the original Counter Strike game until the new weapons are missing from the original version, of which there Krieg Commando 550, Magnum Sniper Rifle, pistol 40 Dual Elite, and so on. Keep in mind, the purchase of weapons in Counter Strike Online has a weapon selection menu are slightly different from the original version, this is because the more gun models are presented. The online version of this game feature that also allows us quick access buttons, like simply by pressing the R button to buy the weapons which we have previously bought or the A button to buy weapons is automatically adjusted to the conditions of money owned. As for the purchase of weapons in the shop, we have to prepare enough points to be able to buy it and each time the weapon will have the use of which can be determined long pemakaianya, ie 3 days, 10 days, up to 30 days according to the conditions our point.

Oh yes ... in this game also allows us to create your own weapons to produce a deadly weapon, whether it be from the level of damage and higher accuracy, and will be directed by the character of President Henry Stoner. But to be able to make it, we must require the design and materials.

Although the mission in the game Counter Strike Online looks like achievements or challenges that are often found in online FPS games, but his mission is quite varied and many, such as requiring us to do five times a headshot against other players, did kill 15 in original mode, install or tame bomb 4 times, save the five prisoners, get a kill by using grenades, and so on. If we manage to solve it, then we will get a prize or prizes of a random number of points.


No significant development in terms of graphics on this game Counter Strike Online. In the video options can only be setup to use Open GL and D3D only. However, by choosing using D3D will produce a better level of sharpness and level of detail and color are more solid than OpenGL is a blur and ghosting. As for the menu design Lobby modern look and easy access.
For sound, this game also features voice support players and value added, we'll hear the cool style of play DotA, while successfully Kill or Level UP.


Counter Strike Online gameplay is indeed not changed much and still original, but with the addition of several new features that have made the game more fun it feels good again. So far, too, found the game runs smooth without being discovered the existence of Lag. Finally now we can complain teamwork and agility together with friends or other players from all over Indonesia.
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Counter Strike Online

Publisher: Megaxus (Indonesia)
Developer: Nexon and Valve
Genre: MMO FPS
Release date (Open Beta): July 22, 2011
Platform: PC


Gameplay 90
Graphic 75
Overall 95 


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