Select Flex, JavaFX or Silverlight?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some of the recent times, a combination of JavaScript and XML (Ajax) has enhanced Web features. Using Ajax, the website becomes more interactive and faster direload as in desktop applications. Ajax is not a panacea. Server is still generating page content - including code as well. Unfortunately, the browser is a bit heavier use of AJAX this, because it affects the memory of the computer. Please note that HTML and CSS rendering in the browser is also sometimes less stable. In addition, the security of AJAX is still somewhat in doubt.

Ideally, the Web application will be tailored to the strengths of each level Web: Interactions at the user's browser. Business rules and stability on the server. And indeed, truly by three models of the development of new technologies: Silverlight from Microsoft, Sun's JavaFX and Flex from Adobe.

But why choose Flex over JavaFX? And, why not use Silverlight, since Internet Explorer became the most widely used browser by users around the world? What was done by Adobe, Sun and Microsoft as released into open source? Are AJAX, Internet applications that will still be blaring or displaced by the latest Internet applications?!

Maybe in the next generation, the website will be dominated by the superiority of the combination of applications where not only that protrudes from the desktop features such as lightweight but in terms of whether or not an Internet application to run on various types of browsers. This is still a big question mark various developers. With a variety of advanced applications, rather heavy in terms of clients, this is the future must be a solution found, the technology must continue to evolve to address flaws in the Internet applications we use today.


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