Skytex Primer Pocket Mini Tablet Android 4.3-inch screen Price 99 USD only

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A company called Android Skytex has launched a mini tablet, called Skytex Pocket Primer, and it's a mini tablet can enter the pocket that runs the Google Android 2.2.
Primer Pocket Skytex will join several other products that could be classified as an Android version of the iPod touch. As the iPod Touch, this device can play music and movies, surf the web via WiFi, and run third party applications. Smart ICE, Philips GoGear, D3 Cowon, Creative Zen Touch 2, and there are also some Archos products in this category, but no one really managed to beat the dominance in the market led the ipod Touch. Retail price of only about $ 99 - making Pocket Skytex Primary cheapest one Android device.

Primer Pocket has a 4.3 inch screen, 480 x 272 pixels, support for multitouch input, G-sensor, and 600 MHz processor and has 256MB RAM, 4GB for storage, and microSD card slot for expansion, and of course also has WiFi support for 802.11b / g / n.

Unlike many other cheap Android handhelds, Pocket Primer has a built in mic and speaker, and 3.5mm headphone jack and speakers 1 watt. Skytex company also offers a 7-inch tablet named Alpha SkyPad Android 2.3, Windows tablet called SkyTab S Series, and some e-book reader.


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