Survey Results: 5 percent Gamers Spend $ 50 for Real Application Game Download

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A survey conducted by Flurry said that most gamers are willing to spend $ 50 hobby is. This survey is limited for gamers who use game-based Android and Apple.
Flurry observe the behavior of nearly 3.5 million gamers, either Apple or Android-based games. The results of this survey seems to confirm previous surveys that say that the distribution of free games in the future will generate more income.

The amount is larger than most gamers which is 14 percent, which spends only 99 cents. Flurry finally suggested that the game developers to further raise the price of homemade games.

They estimate that 71 percent of transactions taking place today just under $ 10 range, 15 percent at between USD 10 and USD 20, and 13 percent above USD 20.


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