AMD A4 & A4-3300-3400 Two Chip APU Latest Affordable Price

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

AMD has just launched two new Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) in the entry-level segment. APU two chips into a new addition to the ranks of AMD chips that allow customers AMD (PC manufacturers) to build the system at a price more affordable but still quite capable in terms of playing 3D games and HD video. In addition, this system can also work hand in hand with a discrete graphics processor that is more robust to the combined computing power of the two chips. A4 chip is supported by two CPU cores, while the A6 Chips have three, while the A8 has 4 cores. On the graphics processing (GPU), the A4 has about half the power of the A6, with 160 graphics core than 320. They are all capable of running DirectX 11 graphics.

A4-3300 AMD runs at a speed 2.5GHz/440Mhz (CPU / GPU) and A4-3400 while running at 2.7GHz/600MHz. AMD-3300 price of $ 70 A4 and A4-3400 $ 75.

* Accelerated Processing Unit is a chip that integrates one or more Central Processing Unit (CPU) and a graphics processing unit (GPU) which is a separate chip consists of hundreds of small computing cores. APU is a special term of AMD.


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