Android Successor version Jelly Bean Ice Cream Sandwich?

Monday, September 12, 2011

We all know that Google gives a different name on each major new version of Android is derived from the name of the dessert / dessert, and subsequent versions of Android that will be released after the Ice Cream Sandwich (scheduled to arrive late in 2011) will be called Jelly Bean , according to reliable sources who quoted from the site ThisIsMyNext. If you wonder why they use such a weird name, it's because Google uses the name of the dessert in alphabetical order to give the name of the release of Android, and because the version before the Jelly Bean starts with the letter I the letter J to be the next character ... and there's not much food cover that starts with J that can be selected.

Regardless of the name, the next version of Android is said to be a game changer because it will contain a feature that was originally scheduled for Ice Cream Sandwich, but then postponed. Since the Ice Cream Sandwich Android version is already uniting tablets Android and smartphones - we wonder what else Jelly Bean will take it that make it a game changer.

No information about the version number will be released Android Jelly Bean, but at least we got the name right now .


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