AMD and AMD's E-300 E-450 APU Tough Enough in the Use of Commercial Computing Applications

Sunday, September 25, 2011

AMD introduces new processors last month for this type of AMD Fusion chip E-300 and E-450 for notebooks with low resources and for desktop computers. As Chip E-350 1.6 GHz which has been sliding since last year, this new processor combines the functions of the graphics and CPU functions onto a single chip with about 18 watts TDP. 1.65 GHz Chip E-450 although slightly faster than the E-350 1.3 GHz, while the E-300 is a little less quickly, but a cheaper option for a cheaper price computers.

So why should the use of these chips? AMD has put together a short video that shows the processor to work running through the computation tasks such as running the day-to-day Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook.

AMD also claims you'll get better battery life than a computer with E-series chips instead of Intel processor system with a similar - but this will obviously vary depending upon the Intel chip is selected. For test purposes, AMD pitted against Intel's E-450 B940, and E-300 against Intel B800.

It is not surprising when you will get the better battery life out of the AMD chips, since AMD chose to compare them with 35W Intel Celeron processor, but it is not clear if Intel really has a chip that is comparable with E-series AMD processors today. Intel Atom chips use less power, but less qualified, while most of the higher performance chips from Intel using the TDP of 35W or more.

HP said the new DM1 Pavilion will be equipped with AMD's latest chip and will stand by 10 hours of run time. HP Pavilion DM1 is scheduled for sale this weekend, which will make it one of the first laptop to feature AMD's E-300 and E-450 processor options.


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