Latest iPhone 4S with Dual Core Processor & Full HD Video Recording Released October 21 with the fuel?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

According to a Greek site, the latest iPhone will be announced in early October 2011 and released to major markets around the world on October 21. This site claims this latest iPhone iPhone 4S will be the same size screen, 8 MP camera that can record video FULL HD 1080p, dual-core processor 1GHz A5 and a second antenna on top.

Other information from many identical specs with 4 iPhones today. This site claims to have "a reliable source of 100%", but we still do not recommend that you trust for granted.

We also accept other info, which claims that the next iPhone will display the BlackBerry Messenger service. According to the tipster, the BlackBerry will get a lot of money in return for their messaging services. Again no confirmation of any of them and still be a rumor, so it could possibly end up being fiction.

Now, we're not quite sure what makes these rumors. Newest iPhone will indeed real because Al Gore himself said there will be more than one iPhone were announced next month, JP Morgan also asserted, and AT & T already has a list of iPhone 4S white, and some have been producing this 4S iPhone case. But about iMessage service that will come with IOS 5 - if Apple would just put them side by side with BlackBerry Messenger? It seems does not


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