Qualcomm and Sony Ericsson square off Facing Windows Phone 8

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Currently Microsoft's development center in Redmond are working to complete the project next generation of windows phone, windows phone that is 8. Although still a long time, some large companies are now poised to prepare everything for the windows facing the emergence of phone 8.
One company that claims it is Qualcomm. Through the vice president of product development Qualcomm CMDA Technologies, Cristiano Amon, said that his company was working to prepare the windows mobile platform's first phone 8.

Furthermore, companies that have been bragging about plans to windows phone is Sony Ericsson's 8. Through CEOnya, Gilles Delfassy, they said it would not have a special chip for Nokia phones windows based phone, but he assured that they will set up systems that support to wp 8.

One future plan is to launch chip sony A-15 dual-core ARM Cortex next year. Maybe they will insert this chip for mobile phones based WP8.


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