Research Almost 8 Million Gamers with Game iPad As a Means

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Recently a gaming company plans to make tablets specifically for gamers, gamepad. But before the plan is realized, it seems gamepad will have a major rival, namely the iPad.

A research firm called Interpret recently unveiled the results of his research. They say that many users of the Apple iPad fib is the gamer. Unmitigated, which uses the iPad as a venue for gaming hobby is not just a novice gamers only, but the gamers come to participate.

From the results of these studies, the ability to display images Notebook and nontraditional games development based on user interest is the reason gamers. The amount was unsparing, almost 8 million more gamers iPad residing in America.

Interpret estimates that number will continue to grow. Especially with increasing gamers iPad, the number of console gamers, nintendo and games on mobile phones has decreased.

This is of course a good move for Apple. iPad 2 has very good graphics capabilities and is suitable for gaming. By using A5 chips and batteries that can last up to 10 hours will certainly spoil the gamers.


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